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Frequenty Asked Questions
  1. How much does registration cost? For the 2015/2016 season registration will be $75.00. You may also buy a team singlet.  Singlets are $75.
  2. If I missed registration night can I still register? Yes!! You can sign up any time during the season.

  3. How do I sign my child up? You must register online. Please click "membership", then create a login. After this you must fill out all the information for your wrestler(s). Click the "club" link, then "wrestler registration" and fill out the information about you and your wrestler. Please make sure to allow email updates from us as this is how we communicate with parents. Also please indicate the group (i.e. novice or open).
  4. What do I need to bring to the first night of practice? birth certificate and registration fee(if you didn’t pay online).
  5. How can I volunteer? Many opportunities to volunteer are available: be a team mom, assist with photography/video during matches and practices, table help (timer, score keeper, flip chart, etc.) referee, and a host of other ideas.
  6. Does my son/daughter need headgear? No, the league does not require it in order to compete. However, they are recommended to add extra protection to the ears.

  7. What type of clothing does my son/daughter need to wrestle? No tennis shoes are allowed on the mat surface. Wrestling shoes are highly recommended, along with shorts, and a tight shirt for practice. You will need to purchase a singlet for tournament competition.

  8. What factors will determine who my son/daughter will wrestle in a tournament or practice? Weight is the #1 factor. In practice coaches will try to pair kids that are close in size and ability. In a tournament, your child will wrestle in their respective age and weight class, as well as their experience level.

  9. What are the age/weight classes?
    Division I – 6 & under: 37-40-43-46-49-52-55-60-66-Hwt
    Division II – 8 & under: 43-46-49-52-55-58-61-64-67-70-75-83-90-105-Hwt
    Division III – 10 & under: 52-55-58-61-64-67-70-73-76-80-85-90-100-110-120-131-Hwt
    Division IV – 12 & under: 64-67-70-73-76-80-84-88-92-96-100-105-110-120-130-140-160-Hwt
    Division V – 15 & under: 78-86-94-102-110-118-126-134-142-152-165-185-Hwt

  10. What are experience levels? Novice: Any wrestler who has placed 1st through 4th less than 8 times in brackets with 6 or more wrestlers, including themselves, at any tournament. Open: 1.) Any wrestler who places 1st or 2nd at Novice State in a bracket of 6 or more wrestlers, including themselves. 2.) Any (Div. II-V) wrestler who places 1st at an open tournament in a bracket of 6 or more wrestlers, including themselves. Open rule 2 does not apply to division I wrestlers. All 1st year wrestlers are eligible to participate in Novice State. 1st year wrestler: Any wrestler registering, in the current season, who has no previous wrestling experience.